Trinity Presbyterian Church
You're Welcome!

Trinity Presbyterian is a bunch of regular people that
get together to enjoy our relationship with God and
each other. We are a community made up of people
who are single, married, divorced, on matchdotcom,
widowed, gay, crazy rich and dirt poor.

In this place you are welcome if you’re looking for a
church home, looking for one hour of peace or just
looking. We welcome those with pacifiers in their
mouths and those who remember the Eisenhower
Administration. We don’t care if this is your first time
in a church since little Joey’s Baptism, we promise
the roof will not fall in. We take chances every week!
Trinity Presbyterian
140 North Tyler Ave
Ogden, Utah 84404

Sunday 10:00  am
Wednesday, 7:30 pm

Sunday 9:00 am
We are beatnik readers, pie contest winners, poetry lovers, baconators, marathoners,
gamers, world travelers, hot dog skiers, debaters, blue toenail polish wearers.  We are
Vegans and people who love dutch oven ribs. We welcome those who are in recovery or are
still suffering.  We welcome those who would “rather be golfing.” We welcome tree-huggers
and deer hunters. We offer a special welcome to those who came because grandma is in
town and you wanted her to think you go to church.  

Trinity is a place where you are already loved. Not because of your righteousness, good
looks or great intelligence. (By the way, we think you look great and you are really smart.)
We love you because we are trying to follow the Way.  Is it possible you are interested as

We know the word “RELIGION” has some painful memories for some, that’s why we focus
on relationships.  At the Communion Table there is a seat with your name already on it,
come and eat!

We welcome nerds, outsiders, strugglers, doubters, clown lovers….. and YOU!
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